A Arquitectura e a Engenharia Sísmica

Architect Luís Rebelo de Andrade was invited to talk about his experience in Pombalino buildings refurbishment, at LNEC, in Lisbon, on June 7, 2018.

About the Seminar:

The need to integrate measures to improve the seismic resistance of buildings, namely in rehabilitation operations, contextualized in the current practice of Architecture and Engineering, is a reality and a need recognized by the most varied competent entities and by the general public, in the current context of construction in Portugal.

This seminar, to be held on June 7 at LNEC, with the joint organization of the Portuguese Architects Association, National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC), Portuguese Society of Seismic Engineering and Engineers' Association, will have a special focus on the technical issues in question, from the seismic evaluation of the building, the practical cases of application of measures to improve seismic resistance in new buildings or to rehabilitate. In this way, the aim is to promote the debate about possible difficulties in the implementation of measures to improve seismic resistance. It is also recognized as a fundamental factor to successfully reach solutions of reference in this field, the development of a collaborative work from the initial phase of the project between the architect and the structural engineer, considering also the articulation with the other specialties that make up the intervention . 

It is hoped, therefore, to involve all professionals with an interest in this theme, as well as decision-makers, managers and owners, in increasing awareness of the integration of seismic as a priority theme of the current construction in Portugal.

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Junho – 2018