Class Conference 2020

Luís Rebelo de Andrade was invited to join the conference “The Global Student: Building Bridges over Growing Barriers”, to talk about the projecto Doorm, the first private student residence in Portugal. This is the annual conference of The Class of 2020 which takes place on November 16th in Lisbon, Portugal.

About the seminar:

In 2011 The Class of 2020 was founded to improve the situation of student housing markets across Europe.

Through original research, informative events, and  The Class Conferences, our NGO has managed to do much more than that. Student housing is now a recognized asset class, and we created a network committed to making student living efficient, international, and welcoming. Through our partnerships with higher education institutions, city leadership officials, and real estate developers, providers, and investors we stand at the forefront of student housing innovation and best practices.

Our vision is for cities to attract and retain the brightest young minds, and for them to lead the way to social and economic success in return. We provide cutting edge research to develop individual solutions for the ever-changing, modern urban landscape. Our in-depth regional sessions, educational workshops, and annual Conference provide our growing network with a stage to identify the current needs and shape the student living of tomorrow.

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Dezembro – 2017