Festival Big Architecture 2018

We were one of the offices invited by the organization of the Festival Big Architecture 2018 - held in Ljubljana, Slovenia - to present some of our wood projects, as it was one of the Festival's major themes this year. We presented the Eco Houses, Snake Houses, the Longroiva Hotel, the Equestrian Center of Pedras Salgadas, the Finnlough Spa and the House 3000.

About the Festival:

Each spring Zavod Big hosts an ambitious architecture event that aims to bring together exceptional architectural practitioners and thinkers to present their work, views and vision around a timely theme of particular relevance and import.

It has always been easier to think about a new world than to look back at the old tangible world. Architecture has always been our faithful aide here, and there is no doubt it will continue to assist in the future as well. Do the advanced models of urban civil engineering represent one of the answers for the new world as well as an experiment showing that architecture can solve the problems of modern times: inequality, social exclusion, and loneliness? And how shall architecture enter the new world nowadays?

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Abril – 2018