LUCA Luxembourg Center for Architecture

Luís Rebelo de Andrade was invited to participate in the architecture + aménagement : "Today for tomorrow" conference. Speaking about "Heritage, Identity and Practice", the conference will take place on February 9 in the Auditorium of the Banque de Luxembourg.

About the conference:

Buildings, public spaces, interior design or urban planning are projects that start from a necessity or an idea. Each project’s program is studied in detail, it’s functions and it’s contents, in order to check the effectiveness, the compactness, the ergonomics, or the scale of our proposals. On this basis, it is possible to study the medium or long-term evolution of each client’s specific needs, and to propose a suitable response.

Each project belongs to a particular place. Depending on it’s environment and the client’s vision, a conscious intervention of it’s context is proposed, sometimes in rupture with the latter, sometimes in harmony, but never at random.

For each project it is important to identify and keep a strong and rational idea. This results in a form, a volume, a combination of materials... It is not a question of creating a sculpture that can be looked only from the outside, but of putting in place coherent and functional concepts.

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Dezembro – 2016