Pedrali 2020 advertising campaign

The fairy tale-like Casa 3000 was chosen by Pedrali, one of the most known design furniture companies in the world, as the idyllic setting for the new advertising campaign #PEDRALITALES.

"The archetypical shape of the house is characterized by clean, simple lines and a bright red colour. The result is a dreamlike atmosphere that evokes the romantic image of a red house at the edge of the woods, like something out of a fairy tale, or the house on the prairie, reinterpreted in a contemporary key." Pedrali

Our project was picked to convey the elegance of the Brand’s lifestyle through its new indoor and outdoor collections. The campaign project is curated by Studio FM with the collaboration of Studio Salaris for styling. The photographer is the acclaimed Andrea Garuti.

[Pedrali's website]


Abril – 2020