Squirrel House

Squirrel House

This project was a refurbishment of an existing building, known as Casa do Esquilo (Squirrel House). Previously used as an ancient henhouse for the park, this building is based upon its ground floor. Not only its thick and heavy stone walls, but also the existing openings follows and dignifies the main profile of the building: a single door guarantees the access to its interior, two small windows that were transformed into one wider sliding window, two more windows that are aligned with the previous, and finally two small oculi which are close to the roof in order to allow more natural light inside.

Regarding the main survey to the existing building, our proposal intended to transform this old henhouse into a small studio-apartment. This proposal contemplates a small change to the existing openings; more precisely, the new wider main entrance which is proposed. This new entrance allows the connection with the main living room / kitchenette, which means that our proposal was designed in order to maximize the small usable area that is available.

Besides this space, the ground floor also includes a bathroom and a bedroom. On the other hand, the proposed mezzanine is accessible through the proposed stairs which starts on the main living room; this space is defined in order to take advantage of the existing height, which could be used as an extra living space inside the building.




Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Portugal


56 sqm


Unicer Bebidas de Portugal - VMPS, Águas e Turismo


Luís Rebelo de Andrade, Pedro Duarte Silva


FG + SG - Fotografia de Arquitectura


Luís Bucha