Luís Rebelo de Andrade

Founder / Principal Architect

(Lisbon, 1953)

Luís Rebelo de Andrade graduated in Architecture from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, in 1986. Before engaging definitively in architecture, he aspired to be a sculptor, and his passion for sculpture gave him a particular and distinctive understanding of the place of architecture in the landscape. While attending the course he developed partnerships with Intergaup, a nationally and internationally acclaimed architectural atelier that has been awarded a number of distinctions.
He opened his own atelier in 1989 and his work gained recognition very early on in Portugal, with projects such as the British Embassy (1990) and Casa do Artista (1991), both in Lisbon, meriting widespread praise. From then onwards, he has imprinted his brand, both in Portugal and abroad, which is as distinctive as it is discreet.
More than an architecture of imposition, Luís proposes and practices an architecture that overcomes, surpasses, founded on the belief that it is at the meeting point between opposites that the perpetuity that characterises his best work arise. With their vision placed firmly in the future, Luís and his atelier nourish a profound concern for the visual and ecological footprint of the projects they accomplish.

Tiago Rebelo de Andrade

Partner | Architect

(Lisbon, 1982)

Tiago graduated in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of Porto. In addition to having participated in the Erasmus programme in Milan, he completed the General Management course at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where he acquired indispensable executive skills in business management. Greatly influenced by his father, Tiago always wanted to be an architect. From a very early age onwards, he accompanied his father in meetings onsite and watched the work of the architects at the office, from project design to the preparation of models. In his free time, when he has any, he practices boxing. He dreams of a time when we can all travel in space so as to gain a better understanding of the unique beauty of this planet in which we live.

At Rebelo de Andrade, apart from being a partner, he is responsible for the brand, communication strategy and marketing.

Pedro Duarte Silva

Senior Manager | Architect

(Lisbon, 1980)

Pedro studied architecture at Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa and participated in the Erasmus programme in San Sebastian. He worked in London for six years, during the peak of the financial crisis of 2007, which gave him interdisciplinary and fundamental skills for any business area (finance, accounting, management). He is married, has two children and is quite capable of waking up at 4 am to travel 300 kilometres and surf at a special beach. Pedro took an intensive postgraduation in management. He loves travelling as much as travel literature.

At Rebelo de Andrade he is the right-hand man of Arch. Luís Rebelo de Andrade, actively collaborating in project and team management.

Raquel Jorge

Project Manager | Architect

(Lisbon, 1980)

Raquel graduated in Architecture from Universidade Lusófona. At RA\\ since 2006, she is nicknamed “SchwarzRachel”, due to her determined and energetic personality. Raquel likes music from the 1980s and 1990s, sometimes feeling “nostalgic" with the references of her younger colleagues. She does voluntary work on a weekly basis, at CASA (a shelter for the homeless) in Lisbon, which has helped her to place many of her own problems in perspective. She loves going to the gym to dissipate extra energy; and reads as much as she can before falling asleep. 

At Rebelo de Andrade is co-responsible for the organization and project management in the schematic and development stages of design.

Francisco Magalhães e Menezes


(Coimbra, 1987)

Francisco has a Master’s in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of Porto, he did a year’s Erasmus in Rome and has been at RA since 2015. In addition to his interest in Architecture, Francisco is a nature lover. In his free time, he practices bodyboard. He likes to hunt and defends hunting as a form of regulating ecosystems.

At Rebelo de Andrade he feels at home in construction and site supervision, as well as the maintenance of the different software applications with which the atelier works.

Maria João Barcelos


(Castelo Branco, 1989)

Maria João has a Master in Architecture from Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE) and did Erasmus in Florence. Having thought about following painting, in fine art, she soon yielded to the versatility of architecture. She collaborates with an online cinema magazine and aspires to have time to study body language and experiment in the area of narration. When she cannot escape from the city, in the weekend, she likes to wander through the Gulbenkian gardens.

At Rebelo de Andrade, in addition to project design and supervision, she participates in the development of the communication strategy.

Rita Serra e Silva


(Coimbra, 1987)

Rita has a Master’s in Architecture from Coimbra University. She didn’t always want to be an architect. The professions of her grandparents fascinated her, and when she was a child she dreamt of following dental medicine or pharmacy. She studied science at secondary school, but the passion for architecture installed itself relentlessly and never left. Rita cannot even contemplate living far from the sea or long, as she needs it to restore her energy and inner peace. Happy with what she does, she only regrets not having studied abroad via Erasmus.

At Rebelo de Andrade, she particularly enjoys the construction documentation stage and site supervision.

António Martins


(Lisbon, 1988)

António has a Master in Architecture, specialized in Urban Planning, from the Faculty of Architecture of University of Lisbon, since 2012. Ever since, António has cooperated with many different architecture studios, working on various scales, programmes and locations. Right before joining RA\\ studio, in early 2019, António made part of a group of fellow architects collective where he got the chance to develop his own personal projects. Since he was little, his fascination with drawing and geometry, but also the major influence of his father (who is also an architect), have determined his path till then. António also invests his creative and gifted side towards the refurbishment of his own apartment located in Campo de Ourique. In his spare time, besides reading, doing sports and hang out with friends, António puts on his Sporting jersey and cheers up for his team as a true fan. 

At Rebelo de Andrade, he works on the development of project design and supervision of various current projects in the studio.

Luís Jardim

Intern Architect

(Lisbon, 1993)

Luís has a Master in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon, since 2019, and took part of an Erasmus exchange programme in Innsbruck, Austria, back in 2017. Originally, he intended to study Agronomy, but with a major influence from his grandfather, he decided to persue the world of Architecture. In his spare time, he enjoys spending as much time as possible in nature.

At Rebelo de Andrade, Luís is a young apprentice who takes part of all the various dimensions of Architecture, collaborating on many projects. 

Luís Bucha

Intern Architect

(Lisbon, 1992)

Luís has a Master in Architecture from Lusíada University in Lisbon, since 2018, having had the luck to find RA\\ studio to conduct his professional internship and having a first contact with real-life practice of Architecture. As a well-read and curious young man, Architecture came to him as the most holistic option that would guarantee a full access to a sense of multidisciplinarity of knowledge and skills. In his spare time, besides showing himself as an avid reader, he finds in the Movie Theater his true safe haven from the real world.

At Rebelo de Andrade, Luís is a young intern who collaborates on the various stages of many current projects, specializing in the production of written documents. 

Luís Mascarenhas

Office Manager

(Lisbon, 1993)

Luís graduated in Management from Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa and is currently attending a Master’s in Sports Management. He is so tall that they tenderly call him by the diminutive “Inho”. A sportsman by nature, he was already roller-skating at just two years olds, his leisure time is dedicated to playing football, skimming and bodyboard. He’s one of those who give more than they receive and one of his dreams is to adopt a child in need of love and a home. Among his few regrets is never having competed to enter a football team of Sporting.

At Rebelo de Andrade, he is studio manager, responsible for payments and revenues as well as the accounting.

João Guimarães

Photographer | Video Producer

(Lisbon, 1977)

João graduated in Architecture from Universidade Lusíada. His passion for architecture ended up merging with the happiness created by his hobby, photography, which has currently become his profession. Apart from that, in his leisure time he does surf and is a shaper (he makes handcrafted surf boards). He is married and has two children. One of the few things he regrets is never having climbed at least part of Everest. If he could decree anything universally, it would be the end of war.

At Rebelo de Andrade, he is a photographer and video producer.

Valério Romão

Philosopher / Writer

(France, 1974)

Valério graduated in Philosophy from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of Lisbon. He works in information technology, in the area of systems administration, and has developed a parallel career in literature. With three published novels, three books of short stories and two theatrical plays, he is making a name for himself as one of the most singular voices of contemporary Portuguese literature. He loves cats and has no qualms in exhibiting photographs of the two he adopted – Rim and Croquete. He has a child, Guilherme, to whom he wishes to bequeath a better world.

At Rebelo de Andrade, he is responsible for converting into words the many images and stories that make up the atelier’s history.

Ex Collaborators


José Cardoso, Kauan Vasconcelos, Sergiu Munteanu, Inês Martins, Joana Varajão, André Marques, Joana Franca, Frederico Duarte Ferreira, Mariana Neto, Filipe, Luís Pereira, Anna Buono, Rita Medina, Teresa Baganha, Madalena Rebelo de Andrade, Filipe Ferreira, Pedro Baptista Dias, Diogo Santos, Bernardo Falcão, Frederico Rebelo de Andrade, João Jesus, Diogo Aguiar, Pedro Carta, João Silvério, Pedro Mesquita, Marta Matos Chaves, Nuno Silva, Carlos Ruas, João Pedro Ribeiro, Vitor Casimiro